who we are and why we love charity

we are innergise.org

who we are

innergise.org was founded by James Osborne and Gordon Stoddart, directors of award-winning training and business consultancies Innergy and The Recruitment Network.

The concept is simple, to use the power of our networks and work collaboratively to make a significant impact to the various charitable causes we support.

We wanted to do more than just talk about charity – we wanted to create a movement where we bring together our employees, are customers and our peers and immerse ourselves in a whole host of activities (whether big and small) that when added together enable us to achieve our overarching mission.

our mission

Every year, we select a handful of charities that someone within our network has a very significant attachment to, and we set ourselves a fundraising target to achieve.

Our mission is to then share the monies we raise amongst our chosen charities and make a difference to their causes.

why innergise?

In 2005, the son of innergise co-founder, James Osborne, sadly passed away.  It was a life changing moment for James and his family, and still leaves a very deep scar today.

However, with tragedy can often come inspiration and it was within the sense of hopelessness that James realised that life is preciously short and to not make the most of what we have been given as humans represents a gross disrespect for those who never get that chance to do so.

Our organisation is about enabling people to unearth and utilise the internal energy (aka “innergy”) that drives the human spirit to do more, go further and exercise our true potential for totally selfless reasons.

… we are innergise.org!